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V W' 




'The Rebirth 

University of Maryland Eastern Sliore 

2005- 2000 The Rebirth 

I he 4-fcivvfe" 

^i^^<iC4/^^c€c£cC^cMef, (oo^de^coHOtttact^ &it^t<!ii^^teat^<^tUK»t^ 
€utd^€in& ^^^pta£e^aytd^e«tta£ea^9te4Ca&Mea»tcC 

ma£eAe£fi4^t&^aCc^t^e^^^i^€<AMaa^t&c^ 'J?fe«W(^ 


2 University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

CXn-iversiftf Offioio^ 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 3 

I he I oWe OT Ooritenfe 





Alma Mater- — '■—- fe^ ■-— -— 5 

History-- 6 

President -^ — 1 8 

Vice President -1 — ^-; 

SGA President — -— ™r^- — 10 


Senior Class P^e,sidef}t — Ji 
p Editor in fhief- 
[ Yearbo 


Seniors — --|»^ 

f Sports- — ^-2 
^Student Life-- 


— ii 


-■r- 13 

— -21 




f he CXltnf^ /V4.oter 

Verse 1 ,*•' i'"' 

^ To thee, Dear Alma Mater 

We raise our grateful song, 

for throught thy noble teachings 

Thou had made thy children strong; 

And thousands still shall praise thee. 

^'i*"' All earth shall, hear their swell, and bind our 

hearts yet closer to thee we love so well. 


Maryland, Maryland home of M31|^a and Gray 

Maryland, Maryland, thee we will love always 

AUliail to thee fair Maryland , All.glorjf be to thee! 

|ill eternity. 

^ \ 

row thou in strength and honor thr 
«|; Verse 2 

We love thy spacious can|pi|s. 
We love thy towring halls, ? 

- And hallow'd are the lessons 
"^ll've leam'd within thy walls. 
StaqH&ou forever glorious , 
Full rob'd in living green; 
Shine thou in endless splendor beneath thy trees serene. 

Daniel Lyman Ridout, Sr. 

^005- 2006 The Rebirth 5 

4— fistbixf 

The University of Maniand Eastern Shore had its origin on September 13, 1886. Initi- 
ated under the auspices of the Delaware Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the . 
Delaware Conference Academy was established in Princess Anne on that date with nine 
students and one faculty. 

Records reveal that 37 students were enrolled by the end of the year. Subsequently, the 
institution bore the title of Industrial Branch of Morgan State College, still under the influence 
of the Delaware Conference. As originally operated by Morgan State Col- 
lege under the control of the Methodist Church, the institution was known 
as Princess Anne Academy. 

' The State of Mar}dand, in operating its land-grant program at the Maryland Agricultural 
College at College Park, to which Afro-Americans were not admitted as students, sought to 
provide a Land-Grant program for Afro- Americans and assumed control of the Princegs Anne 
Academy, renaming it the Eastern Shore Branch of the Maryland Agricultural College. The 
arrangement was effected in 1919. 

In 1926. the College passed into complete control and ownership of the State and the 
University of Maryland was designated as the administrative agency. In 1948, the Eastern 
Shore Branch of the University of Maryland, popularly kYiown as Princess Anne College, 
became officially Maryland State College, a Division of the University of Maryland. ■ 

On July 1. 1970, Maryland State College biecame the University of Maryland Eastern 
Shore. With the strong support of the Maryland Board of Regents, Systems Administration, 
and the faculty, UMES has developed an academic program above and perhaps more impres- 
sive than any other higher educational institution of its size in the East. 

Today, the University offers major programs leading to the B.A. and 
B.S. degrees in 30 disciplines in tht arts and sciences, professional 
studies and agricultural sciences. In addition, UMES presents 13 teaching 
degree programs and eight pre-professional programs, as well, as an Honors 
Program designed in cooperation with the University of Maryland at Balti- 
more to prepare students for professional school study. 

From its original building known as "Olney;' constructed in 1798, when George Wash; 
ington was still alive, the University now has over 700 acres, 28 major 
buildings and 41 other units. Today the University offers not only a 
well-constructed and varied academic program, but a beautiful campus. It 
provides today's student, through a versatile student life, an opportu- 
nity to develop into a well-rounded individual who is able to assume 
leadership in today's society. As the University of Maryland Eastern 
Shore enters its second century, it continues with an even greater vigor; 
the -extent of progress and the apex of quality continue to expand. 

Within the last decade, UMES has added 17 new degree-granting programs to its aca- 
demic roster. Graduates of these programs often choose to remain on the Delmarva Peninsula, 
procuring careers in their areas of professional study, to benefit the region, particularly the 
Lower Eastern Shore. The prediction is that this local enrichment will continue as more 
students enroll in the University's programs of business and economics, physical therapy, 
hotel and restaurant management, poultry technology and management, and computer sci- 
ence. Likewise the outlook is'good for the sciences, agriculture, liberal arts and graduate 

6 Universir/ of Mar/land Eastern Shore 


The Graduating class of 

JT Williams Hall 

The old entrance of Kiah Hall 

The Presidents House 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 7 

MA B. TH0MP50 

University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 9 


It is w ith tremendous honor and pleasure that I. as President of the Student Government Association of the University of 
N Iar% land Eastern Shore, extended congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2006. During our last year at UMES 
\\ e ha\ e been faced w ith man> challenges of academics, economics, personal engagements, and emerged victorious. As 
\ou embark on a new path in the real w orld ne\ er forget the valuable lessons our institution as instilled in every graduate. 
As college graduates, you have accomplished a task only a small percentage of our generation has done. Remember your 
experiences here and that success shall prosper within arms reach because it is easier to succeed with HAWK PRIDE on 
N our side. 

I charge e\ er> graduate of the distinguished and magnificent Class of 2006 to continue to uplift our people whenever you 
see a need to give a helping hand. We are the examples of what our great founders dreamt of for this new generation of 
doctors, lawyers, presidents, and entrepreneurs. 

It w as and alw a\ s will be a distinct pleasure to have served as SGA President for two consecutive terms during the 2004- 
2006 academic school \ ears. You my fellow peers, allowed me to embrace you and provide new things for the new 
generation of hawks. If it were not for your continuous support I would not be in the position I am today. I thank you and 
lo\e each of you unconditionally for making experience here one of the best. We are family and will continue to leave our 
marks on this prestigious institution of higher learning 

SincereK yours, 

Terrell Fleming 

President. Student Government Association 2004-2006 

1 Unr/ersity of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

Salutations prestigious Class of 2006, 

We are embarking upon a journey, ajoumey full of life's joys and tunnoils. As we embrace that coveted day in May of 
2006, let us not forget the valuable lessons we have learned at the illustrations University of Maiyland Eastern Shore. It 
has been four years of triumphs, defeats, and unforgettable moments that we shall cherish forever. As members of the 
class of 2006 takes their step into the real world 1 want them to know that you are were given the entire necessary tool to 
be successful. As a proud member of the class of 2006, 1 have been honored to know many of you on a personal, 
academic and social levels, this has given me the opportunity to gain an appreciation that will never be lost. These 
moments that I hold so dear to my heart, will not be as precious, if I did not have the support of my fellow hawks, the class 
of 2006. So I extend a sincere thank you to each and eveiy one of you for your support and encouragement, as I lead us 
all to the land of great careers and unstoppable success. Each of us are gifted and have been given the tools to excel at 
any endeavor we wish to tackle thanks to the dedication of the UMES faculty and staff. So fellow hawks, be proud of 
what you have accomplished, be bold in all that you do, and most importantly remember to FLY HIGH, AND SOAR 
EVEN HIGHER. I will leave you with these few words of advice, from our current Miss UMES 2005-2006. In order to 
achieve great things in life, "We Must Lift the Vail of Ignorance off Our People and Rise to the Challenge of Excellence 
through Education." Stay strong and I hope the journey that we have taken thus far was a great one. 

Sincerely yours 

Michael Durant, Jr. 
Senior Class President 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 1 : 


1 2 Unr/ersity of Mar/land Eastern Shore 





Greetings Hawks, 

CAMPUS; (410)651-6442 
FAX: (410) 651-7936 

Most people may think that yearbook is about just about taking pictures. Well let 
me be the first to tell you, that you are wrong. It is hard work and time consuming, and 
you have to be dedicated. This year I wanted the yearbook to be unique, but still have that 
Hawk Pride that had been seen in the previous years. So that meant I was in the office 
24/7. This year was especially difficult because I had to build a yearbook staff from the 
ground up. I was the only existing member and had to have a staff that new what they 
where doing. There was no time for training and no time for games. We had to jump 
right into the book. But we prevailed and started a new trend for the yearbook, as well as 
brought it back to life. We have new faces, new ideas and a new book. 

This book would not have been possible if it was not for that help of so many 
wonderful people. I would first like to give a thank you to Mr. Dwayne M. Walker. You 
keep me focused. And you made sure I was on my deadlines. Next I would like to thank 
Dr. Brown and Ms. Woolford. I know I was in the Student Affairs office almost everyday 
trying to get something for the yearbook office. Thank you both for putting up with my 
many demands and me. I cannot forget Mr. Whittiker, it was because of you that I even 
starting working for the yearbook and for that matter how to work on a yearbook. You 
showed me the ropes and what it meant to be a part of the staff Last but not least I have 
to thank my staff, y'all have worked so hard, you all need to give yourselves a pat on the 
back. We completed this book done on time and it looks good. 

I have to give a shout out to my man Brian, you were by my side at all times, and 
if you were not all I had to do is call and you would be there. I know with you on the staff 
the yearbook will get better year after year and eventually be great. And I have to shout 
out my Blue and White family. Girls we hang in there and cross into the wonderful land 
of the Zeta Phi Beta. It was hard to but we did it and I love all of you. So stay true Blue. 
Thank you all. I hope everyone enjoys the book as much as the staff and I enjoyed 
making it. 

Martina Wilbum 
Editor in Chief 

2005 2006 The Rebirth 13 


Asanat Akifiu, BiTati Morton and Chris fipps. Evcryoivi was 
putting in work to tnect our tieatSittes. 

g^- Chris Epps 

^^ Office Map^ 

V^^hris always 
^■c/i a sweelfu 

^ -^ 

J 14 Un^^ityofMai^ndEasteiwiore 

hris alv^ays had, 
a sweetheart. t 


Brooke Segal 

Staff Member ^ ^ 

Broohthad cdl the hook ups aniknew what 
was going on at cdi times. 

Dwanye M.Watker 

^(ways ^ivfti^ a 
hetping hand and 
making sure that 
wqrk was pelting 
dohc i-* 

V. ^ 

Asanat Akibu 

Asanat (oyc taking pictures 
^pd at it. 'j^ 


Rebirth, of ^ 
^the J. 

\"My Staff is yoShg 

but don't let their age 

fool you. Tbey worked 

h^d and got the jdC) 

done. You may think 

that thejf have a 

la^ of 'xperie^ce, 

but their hard work 

and dedication 
m^kes up\ for it/ " 
Martina Wilburn 

Karl Binns 
j^Copy Eifi^r —- ^^,^,t^ 

KorC keep 'Everyone Uaigmng ai 
the mxisicfor the office 

Samuei Shokera 
Staff Member 
^.^^He v^as always if0ias own w^rtd 
, butmd a Cot of good ideas'^' 


•■I^OOS- 2006 pie Rebirth "^ 15 

1 6 University of Maryland fiastem Sliore 


Jessica Ashley B^ ^ 




^» '-^^' 




Jessica J. Curtis 


Tavonna T. Harper 

ishleyN. Harris! 

Darvell Jackson 

S^ikki R. Jackson 



jhana J. La 

annon Michel e] 


Roxanne M. O Bnen 

OlubukolaE. Oloye 

Comn U. Omowunmi 

Romell e. S 


i i t ... 

Senior class just sitting back and enjoxina 
the night. 

One of the poetics th r 
performed at the Del i'l 
Slam Jam. 

At the senior symposium Ms. Akien talks to students 
about "Life After Graduation." 


A week full of 
activites for the 
seniorfe that are 
about to fly high 
and say goodbye. 
Events included in 
this week were the 
Senior Sympouim, 
Def Poetry Slam 
Jam, UMES Next 
Top Model, The 
Luau, Class on 
Class Basketball 
Tournament and 
Class Color Day. 

Students prepare 
non alcoholic 

beverages for 
the senior Luau. 

44 Unr/ersir/ of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

Everyone was 
feeling at the 
Luau, dancing 
and having a 
good time. 

The DJ was geting the music right for the Senior 
Luau, while Keaith Wilson represents for the class 
of 2006 and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 

One of the Razzle, Dazzle and 
call her Glitter contestants of 
UMES Next Top Model works 
the runway. 

Everyone including the kids, 
came out to support The 
Next Top Model competition. 



RP^^^n^B^ <~j^^^ 




2005- 2006 The Rebirth 45 





{ringing the gifts that my ancesters gave, 
am the dream and hope of the slave, 


Maya Angelou 


L^Bf^CMttnuerxtcMl CXativitces 


Although the Agriculture department is very small, they 
always ha\e something going on. From Christmas parties to 
game nights to mo\ ie nights, they do it all. The mission of 
the .Agriculture department is to pro\ide students with an 
3cti\e learning enviainment. Not only does the department 
host mans social events, but they have a whole farm to 
e.xplore. From chicken, goats, sheep, cows, horses and pigs 
the students get the experince that they need. Keeping the 
philosophy of learning, discovery and engagement. They 
also h3\ e club's that many of the students engage in. Delta 
Tau .Alpha (DT.A). the Agriculture Honor Society. DTA 
pro\ ides high standards of scholarship, leadership and charter 
among agricultural students. Minorities in Agriculture. 
Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS). 
M.ANRRS members pledge to support endeavors that wi 
always foster and promote the agricultural science and related 
fields among ethnic groups. 

50 Unr/ersir/ of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

The Animal and Poultry Science 
Christmas party. 

Angela Watson playing Pin the Tail 
on the Pig at the Agriculture Field 

Students playing volleyball at the 
Agriculture field day. 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 5 1 

52 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

+4 "RA/i T^tGser^ts 

(Above) Butler as Jimmy 

Bland and Man' Battle as his 


2005- 2006 The Rebirth 53 

54 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 55 

56 Unr/ersity of Maryland Eastern Shore 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 57 




(Right) Ms. Corrie CoOon. 
instructor from the Department 
of Agriculture talks to student 
about the program. 

58 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

(Right) Representatives from 
UMES's Office of Retention 
and Financial aid office hianded 
out information to iiigh 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 59 


(Belo«) Dr. Shirle\ H> nion- 
Parker presents certificate to 
A> isha Thompson. 

60 Unr/ersity of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

-rroiaors Coveritoion. 

(Above) Dr. Ronnie Holden 

gives tlie invocation at the 

Honors Convocation. 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 61 

62 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 






i ' 

^ fii^ ^^^^m 


'gg li^^^l 



1 ^ 



2005 2006 The Rebirth 63 


uLiLiiuc i^-^cauciiiiw .rvcciu^^iuic /^Lciucnuc i^v^auciiiiu /\UciLlCllllt; 


xaaemic Acaaemic 

Acade - 


demic .^ 




demic . 


demic . 


demic ^ 


demic .' 


demic Academic Academic Acp^' 
Academic Academic Acadet 
demic Academic Academic i 
Academic Aa^kmic Academi 
demic Acad( 
demic Acar 
demic Acal 
demic Ac 
demic A^ 
demic ' 

Academic Academiv ^^^„ ^ 
.demic Academic Academic Academic 

demic Academic Academi 
Academic Academic Aca 
demic Academic Academi 
Academic Academic Aca- 
demic Academic Academi 
Academic Academic Aca- 
demic^^demic Academi 
^\cademic Aca 
ic Academi 
-^mic Aca- 

. Academ 

5ademic Aca 

^demic Academi 

.cmic Academic Aca 

nic Academic Academi 

bademic Academic Aca 

;mic Academic Academi 

icademic Academic Aca 

lemic Academic Academi 

Academic Academic Aca 

demic Academic Academi 

; Academic Academic Aca 

,ademic Academic Academi 

c Academic Academic Aca 

bademic Academic Academi 

tcademic Academic Academic Academic Academic Academic Academic Aca 
^^'n. Academic Academic Academic Academic Academic Academic Academi 


Tim Parluim slum'iiu) off liis tiilciit at 
the Mi(inu;lit Miultifss. 

University of Mar/land Eaoterri 

44civJe l^osket l^oH 

The HAWKS and the 
community got their first look 
at this years Fighting Hawks at 
Midnight Madness. The squad 
is made up of nine freshman, 
two sophomores, two juniors, 
and three seniors. 

A stand-out on this team 
is senior Tim Parham from Chi- 
cago, IlHnios. Tim stands 6'9, 
240 pounds. Earlier this year 
Tim removed himself from the 
NBA draft and decided to com- 
plete his college career with the 
Fighting Hawks. Last season 
he led the MEAC in rebounds 
per game and lead his team in 
points per game, rebounds per 
game, blocks per game, field 
goals and free throws made. 
This criminal justice major has 
high expectatiions fr)r his team 
and is looking for a better year. 

The team's schedule is a 
challeging one. The Hawks will 
face ranked teams like Iowa 
and Marshall. Majority of the 
games are played on the road 
and a couple of games will be 
played on ESPNU. 

Hawk fans and the men's 
team are expecting a good and 
exciting season. LET'S GO 


DaiHs and Etkins 


Ulah Vdky Si. 


St Jofin's 

NicfioOos St. 


Morehatd Siaic 



Gcargc VVosfiimjwn 


Nortfi CaroCtna A<Si;T 


Norfolk State 

Ddeware State 

Florida A&M 


Morgan Stoic 

Coppin Slate 


NorfoCfe State 

Ddcwarc State 

Florida A&TVl 


Morgan Siaic 

Coppin 5tatt' 

South Carofina A&T 


(front) Jesse Brooks,Hagav Barav,Tcrrct( HarrisiCoocfi Lessett,Erf Tyson.Sftaun Warricfe, Dorian PicrccTrov Jacfeson, (back) Coacit Smitlt.Autonio McMiltion.Art 
Valentine, Tat Cotien,Qavotstaraj WaddeliiBrandon MoorcTim Par(tam, Coach DeSafi'O 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 67 

— Schedule 

Bowie State 

a Longwood 

Gardner Webb 



(a Howard 


@St. Francis N.Y. 

Furman (a College Park 

Central Conn. State 

North Carolina A&T 

(a Hampton 

@Norfolk State 

Deleware State 


@Bethune Cookman 

@Morgan State 

@Coppin State 


Norfolk State 

(SDeleware State 

Lcicit^ 4-^Qvvles 

Senior Daynese Stowe grabs a rebound 
o^cr FAMU at the Homecoming Game. 

fFrontjHtad f oaeh freO hatthtlor,Asst. Coach Revond 
Destinev Avent.Asst. Coach Chris Massey. (Back) Qiai 
Criffith,Almalika Lemon, 

j8 University of Mar/iarid Eastern Shore 

Whitley, Adrienne Brown,'loni K( 

a Cheatham, Tiffany Rcid,.Jasmi no Speed, Daynese Stowe, Natalia Benton, Kristi Veltkamp,Jamil 

nnedy,Kachael Goodwin,Alicia Loxen,DeVaughn llailey,Asst.C'oacl 


iLcft) Ladv Hawks boxittg out against 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 69 

(Top) Dustin Lon(;chiiiTips praclicinn 
in Tavve") fiym. 

70 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 




IRight) Joel Maher hit two RBI in a 
jough loss to U.S. Naval Academy. 

Coutesy of UMES Intercollegiate 
Athletics Department 

Deleware Tech. 
Chesapeake C.C, 

Alumni Game 
Mount St. Mary's 


Long Island 



Deleware State 

Coppin State 

West Virginia 


Norfolk State 

North Carolina A&T 

Savannah State 

Florida A&M 

Bethune Cookman 


MEAC Championship 


2005- 2006 The Rebirth 71 

Elon (Elon Tourney) 

James Madison 

Appalachian State 

North CaroHna A&T 

Coppin State 

St. Francis PA 





Winston Salem State 



Dcleware State 

Norfolk State 

South Carolina State 


Florida A&M 


(Top Left) Pitcher Chrissy Mason 
struck out 79 batters and gave up 
46 walks in ttie 2005 season. 
(Top Right) Latoya Bailey, from 
Salisbury. Md recorded 53 putouts 
with a fielding percentage of .884. 

(Right) Senior. .Jenille Edwards led 
her team in Total Bases. Hits. RBIs. 
slugging percentage, and batting 

72 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

(Top) Sophomore. Candace Tyler is 
described as energetic and a good 
team player. 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 73 

iBflo"! D«a\ne Robinson is ranked 
14th in the nation in the 60ni hurdles. 

74 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

Coutesy of UMES Intercollegiati 
Athletics Department 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 75 

(Right) Uanieth Piycc and Women's 
4 \ 100 Meter Relay Team set a new 
school record. 

76 University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 11 


Hecht"s Tournament 

Florida A&M 

South Carolina State 


North Carolina A&T 

Coppin State 

Norfolk State 

Vlrgina Union 

Morgan State 


De lew are State 

Loyola (MD) 

District of Columbia 

tl,ert)S()ph<)more, Nadia Hernandez 
(Right) Freshman, Faloumata Ba 

78 University of Mar/land Eastern Siiore 

(Right) Kishan Sudisinghc from Sri 
Lanka played great this season and 
has high expectations for next 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 79 

U'cstcm XT ItiitatiOTiat 

Hawk Toum. 

Loss 3-1 

Won 3-2 

U'cstem XT Im-itationof 

Haivfe Toum, 

Loss 3-0 

Loss 3-1 

U'tstcm XT Im-itationai 

Howk Toum, 

Loss 3-0 

Loss 3-0 

Western XT Im'itationat 

I's. Morton State 

Loss 3-0 

Loss 3-1 

@ XorfoCk State 

vs. Howard 

Won 3-2 

Won 3-1 

@ Hampton 

vs. Ameriean 

Loss 3-0 

Loss 3-0 

James Madison Toum. 

vs. Florida A&TM 

Loss 3-0 

Loss 3-0 

James Moiiison Toum, 

vs. Soutfi Carotina State 

Loss 3-1 

Loss 3-2 

James Morflson Tourn, 

Nortft CaroCina A&T 

Loss 3-0 

Loss 3-0 

(ai Howard 

Norfolk State 

Loss 3-2 

Won 3-0 

(5/ Quinnipiac 


Loss 3-1 

Loss 3-2 

Sacred Heart Tourn. 



Loss 3-1 

Sacred Heart Tourn. 


Won 3-1 

Loss 3-1 

Sacred Heart Tourn. 

DeL State 

I^ss 3-2 

Loss 3-0 

(a Coppin State 

LIU Tourn. 

Loss 3-2 

Loss 3-0 


The Lady Hawks finish their season with i 
record of 5-28. Despite this record the young hawk; 
fought hard. The team consists of six freshman 
two sophomores, three junior, and two seniors. Oi 
October 16, 2005. 

The girls came together from all over the world 
Players came from countries as far as Isreal, Franc( 
and Serbia. The eastern shore was represented wel 
by three players from Maryland and Virginia. Thd 
westcoast is represented by players from Califor 
nia and Arizona. 

Despite a lossing season the young Hawks 
fought hard winning five matches including shut 
ting out Norfolk State. The ladies are ready to re^ 
turn next fall with some talent and experience. LET^ 

80 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

(Left) Kim and Stephanie Braxton 
discussing the last play. 

(Left) Sophomore Chatdta Weslev and (Top) hady Hawks p^a^^in tough versus 

Junior Stephatde Braxton catching their Norfolk State, 


2005- 2006 The Rebirth 81 

82 Universir/ of Maryland Eastern Shore 

(TOP)Jamie Culbreth, Jennifer Davis, Kristie Minnis, Sandra Maresca, Laura Zanruclia, Jessica Worsley (Bottom) Christine King, Sara DiScioscia,MaryEtta 
j Lewis, Megan Raymond 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 83 

-f-fowfe C-ir\^&4B>CMci&rS, 

L-c-S-s-S-sH Who got the aowd 
more (^^'pc than our af f-^ttir chccr- 
f coders. 

Tfie HAWK cheerleaders 
arc made up of cievcn freshman, 
eight sofhomorcs and five juniors. 
They arc coached by Crystal B[ue 
aruf advisor, Coretta Effoon, 

And^ dbn't think that cheer- 
ing is just a "gixi thing. " This years 
squad^ was made up of three, men 
including Brandon Ffowers. Bron- 
don was named to the MEAC 
CheerCeading A[[-5tar First Team, 
Teammate Teresa 0?:end^ine was 
aCso named to the MEAC 
Chttritading ACCstar Second 
Team. LET'S GO fiAWKS!!.' 

34 Universir/ of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

Hawk cfieerUuuiers supporting the team 
at Mu(ni^lit Madness 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 85 

86 Universir/ of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

"HOBO- more than 
just helping our brothers 

Without a sponsor, 
the HOBO team found 
a way to promote 

Although they did not 
make the Hawks team, that 
did not hinder them from 
persuing their goals. The 
all-freshman team domi- 
nated the intrumural league. 
Besides working hard in 
school, the HOBO team 
worked extremely hard to 
have a sucessful season. 

games, raise money for 
uniforms, and also buy 
equipment. With all of 
the obsticles in front of 
them, the HOBO team 
lead an udefeated sea- 
son. Is it a coincidence 
that they're all from 


2005^ 2006 The Rebirth 87 








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Sports Sports Sports Sports SpT^ 

AUCS "^^Uy^mf /wauD ■ 

Sports Sports Sports Sport 
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Sports Sports Sports Spoil 
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Sports Sports Sports Spoil 
Sports Sports Sports Spori 
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^^^4^ Sports Sports Spori 
^N^orts Sports Spor 
^*^*^oorts Spor 

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iports Spor 

Sports Spor 

ts Sports^^ji^s Sports Spor 

ts Sports Sports Sports Spor 

rts Sports Sports Sports Spor 

-ts Sports Sports Sports Spor 

'ts Sports Sports Sports Spor 

^ts Sports Sports Sports Spor 

Its Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Spor 
jgs Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Spor 



StiAcl&txt Life 

2005' 2006 The Rebirth 

A Candle Light Memorial was set up in the 
rotunda of the Student Service Center to 
honour the life of Alisha Coleman 

The Haw k > earbook wanted to dedi- 
cate this page to Allisha Coleman, a fellow 
Hawk, w ho is now soaring high in the sky. 
watching us e\"er\da\'. Allisha "s life tragically 
ended on No\ember 22, 2005. while travel- 
ing home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Allisha, 
was a fiill time student here at the University 
and w ould ha\ e graduated with honors on 
May 19. 2005 w ith a Bachelors Degree in 
Elementarv' Education. While here, she was a 
member of the Human Ecology Club. Gospel 
Choir. Todah Hands in Ministry, and the 
Drama Societ\-. She also worked in the Child 
and Family De\ elopment Center. Allisha will 
truK be missed by the w hole Hawk family, 
she will always be in our prayers. 

Students came out to show their respect 
to AIHsha at the Candle Light Memorial. 

d/csl^o ^^BjCfLMaicM Co(eiinciia 

1 e33-5200t> 

90 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

Students came out to show their respect 
to Allisha Coleman at the Candle Light 

At Allisha's Candle Light Memorial, 
students got to share their feelings on 
her dedication wall 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 91 

Pan of Hazel Hall dedicarion. these young men painted a 
mural in the buildina. 

92 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

The plaque that was Placed in Hazel 
Hall at the dedication. 

Richard E. Hazel 

Founders Day is a University Holiday that 
recognizes the founding of the university on 
September 13, 1886. But instead of it being 
one day, it is spread to a whole week of 
ftin filled activities that focus on the history of the 
university. Some events that took place during 
this week included the Worship Service at the 
Metropolitan United Methodist Church. 
Then the dedication of Hazel Hall, Inauguration, 
Campus Queen, Convocation, outdoor Concert, 
fireworks and the Scholarship Dinner 

Dr. Thompson, Terrett 
Flemming, Micfiaei Cooper j 
Sfiaiani' Vanterpool 


The plaque that was Placed in Hazel Hall at 
the dedication. 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 93 





The semesT?fe-opened with the 
annual First Look Fair. Students 
had the oppurtunity to see 
what UMES had to offer. The 
SSC rotunda was filled with 
music and goodjbbd. 'WChile:^^. 
obser\mg the different 
organizations, students could 
watch the Business Fashion 
Show. The fashion show was put 
on by the Career Sendees Depart- 
ment to show^ students the way to 
dress to impress. The sEGW-*«as 
hosted "by FUBU's CEO? Keith ^ 
Perringa and the fashion show:' 
coordinators. This event gave 
freshman and new student^ thet^l 
opportunity to taste good food " 
and get a First Look at the many 
organizations and services 
UMES had to offer. 

^RQt; *3.0( 




FfR£S+4AyiaN CLCtiesX 





T~lr^ Look F~o II-- 

-Studerit" .S<>tf3f3or;t' ^>erv«ees 


^ \c 


CUf,ho T^f Oipho 


!»-.. -^'^ 


A ' 'J-4 

Off(iee €>f StiMi&rxt dettvittf 















N v»sg 





Hawks shooting hoops in the 
H\ tche Center. 

Hawks Hned up for the 
Ali-You-Can-Eat buffet. 



Mmmm Crabs!!! 

Can you think of a place where 
there is enough food to feed 2500 
hungry students? Can you think of 
place where college students can act 
like three year-olds? Well there is a 
place, and it was called SEPTEMBER 
FEST!!! This years SEPTEMBER 
FEST was held in the gym of the 
Hytche Center. Students filled their 
faces with all-you-can eat seafood, 
meat and dessert. After you filled up 
with delicious food you could climbed 
the enflatuable walls or race your 
friends through an enflatuable maze. 
Even though the weather outside was 
gloomy that day, the atmoshere in the 
Hytche Center was sunny and warm. 
Thanks to the wonderful Dining 
Services staff and the students from 
the Hotel and Resteraunt Manage- 
ment department, this years SEP- 
TEMBER FEST was "off the hook!' 

President Thompson accepted a check lor 
S4,000 from the Perdue company. 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 107 

University o 

!^/Lidjtxiq1rit A^ocUaess 

On Friday, October 14, 2005, UMES 
pride was palpable as the Men and 
Women's Basketvall team put on the Annual 
Midnight Madness. 

Starting at 10 p.m., the William P. Hytche 
Athletic Center was filled with music, relay 
races, giveaways, performaces, and 
basketball games that went on until midnight. 

The Hawk Cheerleaders, Pom-Pom 
Squad, and Ambience, performed their own 
routines showing off their dancing to the 
latest music. The crowd cheered with 
anticipation as the lights dimmed and the 
Lady Hwks Basketball team took the floor. 
After they were done showcasing their 
talents the Men's Basketball team took the 
floor and proceeded to play a very animated 
game of their own. 

The night ended with all of Hawk 
students, athletes, and fac ulty alike 
envigourated with Hawk Pride. 

The clown "Biscuit" 

entertained the young haw k 

fans with balloons and treats. 

AnTO«atepreparing to 

perform the fansat^Hdajght 


2005- 2006 The Rebirth 109 


Mifhafl \. (InnpS^Jr., the pfotJit^sorf oF1\lichael. SrTam^^afi Cwfpeiv^^s^fiOT^^ 
JnJv 1. ]'>81. finrrrnllv. he resides in Wilmington, Delaware. I pon graduating high school, Michael was 3^ 
offered an-acadeinie scholarship to attend the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Throtighont his^ 
matriculation at I MES, Michael has maintained and surpassed the scholastic requirements of the_ 
I niver-its- TTonor's Pragram. Michael, a senior, niajoring in English with a minor in Spanish f^EE 
communications is extremelv active on campus, fie has been involved in several student organizaticuB" ~~E^ 
including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Alcohol, Tobacco^ 
and oilier Drug Prevenlion Resource Center (ATOD)., Reaching Our Opportunities Together Successfully 
Mentoring Program (R.O.O.T.S.j, Campus Pals, and Sigma Tau Delta Inlernational English Honor Society:^ 
\ ice-lVesident. Micliael has also served his campus community as a resident assistant for the Oifice df-^ 
Residence Lile. His academic achjevemenls include three consecutive years of being recognized for Who'sEEE 
\\ ho Among American Colleges and Universities, three consecutive years as a National Dean's List recipieiitE 
and recognition at each L MES Ibniors Convocation since 2002. as well as an inductee to Phi Kappa Phi :Er 
lionor society. After graduation, Michael plans to pursue law school axid become a corporate lawyer, with tKe 
anticipation of being elevati:d to the Supreme Court. Michael truly believes that although the road ahead : 
may seem impo.ssjble to travel, you remain steadfast and unmovableand waiton the Cord. He is hiessed 
that hi- parents instilled in him at a very young age, All things are possible through Christ who strengthens 


ihaiani Monique Vanterpool, the prond daughter of Wanda Mrdlendoii and Dexter Vanterpool. Sr. "vvas born 
n September 3. 1984. She comes from an Island in America'sParadise, St. Thomas L.S. Virgin Islands. _Mis 
lanterpool is a senior majoring in Business Administration at tlie Lniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore. SE 
l£g3«ember of the Ambiance Dance Company, Caribbean International Club and ainentor for the__Camp3is 
PSiT*rogram. Shalani is very active not only on the campus but in the surrovindiiig cotnnntnity as \v: ell. 5 he 
las been a Tutor for the Metropolitan United Methodist Church's after school program, volunteer 
nnual Seagull Bike-A-thon, participant in the annual Walk for Multiple Sclerosis ancLniany otherEEE 
onimunilv service projects. Upon graduation.. Shalani plans to pursue graduate school and becomeE5H=[: 
Htreprenetu'. Sbe oiie day plans to open a School for the Performing Arts iiilier liometowu. Shalani is 
efinitelv optimistic abo ut her persona l future and is trulv blessed bv God to_be given talents that she util izes 

:e focuses her attention and effortsieSEshfirHies her best to excel 
^9Hi ?f titat^" 

(TOP)-Ms. Marian Birkhead, 
-Mr.Corey Bowen, and Ms. Dale 

( Abo\e)Miss I ashier W illiams 
and Mr. C hcz CIcrkc 

(RiSiht)Mr.L \IF,S and Miss 

1 1 2 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 113 

1 4 I Jniversit/ of Mar/land Eastern Shore 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 115 


President Thelma B. Thompson 
looking beautiful at the 
Homecoming Game. 

The Sigmas, looking fly at the 
Homecoming Step Show. 


Shatyra is currently matriculating at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, majoring in Criminal Justice. 
Even though she chose this major, her aspirations are to become a professional performer. She auditioned and 
iwas accepted as a member of UMES's Concert Choir during her first freshman semester, but later dropped this 
idass because of its involvement, but singing using her God-given talents and gifts, is at the top of the list of 
jShatyra's favorite things to do. 

|ln February 2006, Shatyra auditioned and was selected as Miss UMES Idol for 2006. During this homecoming 
Iweekend, she also auditioned and was selected to sing the National Anthem at the kickoff of the homecoming 
game as well as at the fashion show held during this week. During Shatyra's first semester at UMES, she 
auditioned as was selected to perform a solo in UMES' showcase of stars. 

jShatyra is a 2005 graduate of ArchBishop Carroll High School in Radnor, PA. During her four-year stay at 
iCarroU, she participated in most of the performing activities. Two of Shat>ra's most memorable moments at 
jCarroU were her role in the play production of "Footloose" and being selected to sing a solo, "Oh Taste and See' 
lat her graduation. Shatyra is a life-long member of the Resurrection Baptist Church, and is a member of several 
lof its ministries. 


1006 The Rebirth 

1 8 Universir/ of Maryland Eastern Shore 





2005- 2006 The Rebirth 119 

iRitiht) I hrce 6 Mafia. (From 
right to lettj .luic\ J. Crunchy 
Black, and D.I Paul. 

1 20 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 


Concert was held on Wednesday 
February 15, 2005. The gym was 
jam-packed with excited students 
ready to see the acts for the 
evening. As everyone was waiting 
for the show to begin, the dj for the 
night, DJ Mix-in-the-Mix, kept the 
crowd moving. 

The show finally began around 
nine oclock, starting off with our 
very own UMES Idol, Shatyla 
Henry, singing the National 
Anthem. Afterwards, Jimmie Allen a 
young artist from Focus 
Entertainment sang his new single 
"Perfect Stranger. 

Afterwards, Trey Songz hit the 
stage with a few songs from his 
album. Next, was New York's own 
Remy Ma. Then Three 6 Mafia 
pumped the crowd up with their hit 
singles, "Poppin My Collar", and 
"Stay Flyy." Finally Beenie Sigel 
took over the stage and ended the 
best homecoming concert in 2006. 

(Right) Trey Songz pleased the 
ladies with his singles "Just 
gotta make it" and "I dent 
wanna leave." 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 121 

1 22 Universir/ of Mar/land Eastern Shore 


Swing Phi Swing dancing to the 
African beat. 

Starting the show off right, and doing it big 
for the ladies, was the Swing Phi Swing 
Organization. They took the crowd on a 
flight through the US, making stops in the 
Midwest, westcoast, eastcoast, and then 
down south. Never forgeting to rep Swing Phi 

Next bringing the heat while the DJ kept 
the party going, was none other than the 
Sigmas with a unique performance that kept 
the crowd wanting more. The riegning 
champions, dressed in white pants, blue shirts 
and white suspenders came to reclame their 

Up next was the Alphas dressed in all 
black with "too hot to handle" shades on and 
the tRie gangster mug face. 

With the crowd ready to see something 
wild, the wild and the best were saved for 
last. The Ques took ordinary splits, jumps, 
claps, and stomps to the extreme. The purple 
and the gold represented in a way the UMES 
had never seen before. Next 
HOMECOMING who will bring it? 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 123 

\Aj^ \^ c/^~La. 

In their second game against the 
Flonda A(a^M Rattlers, the HAWKS 
\\ere ready to retake their crown. 
The LADY HAWKS took the stage 
first and blew out the Rattlers with a 
score of 75-56. Toni Kennedy led 
the LADY HAWKS with a game- 
high 24 points. Kristi Veltcamp had 
a double-double with 15 points and 
1 1 rebounds. After that exciting win 
the crowd was ready to see what 

1 24 University of Mar/land tastern Shore 



The first half was taken by the 
FAMU Rattlers with a score of 30- 
18. Although the HAWKS were 
down the crowd continued to cheer 
on their team. During the half-time 
the Alumni Inductees were 
presented, along with UMES SGA 
and the Emperical Court. UMES 
President made a grand appearance, 
looking beautiful as always. 

The HAWKS came out in the 
second half fighting. At one point 
the Hawks were down by one point 
and the victory was in view. The 
game ended with a 83-72 loss. Troy 
Jackson scored a game high 23 
points and Tim Parham grabbed 1 1 


(Top) Comedian's Tony 
Roberts, Poet Geargia Mae and 
comedian Rob Stapleton. 

(Left) Clint Saunders, Tony 
Roberts, SGA President Terrell 
Fleming, Georgia Me, Rob 

1 26 University of Mar/land Eastern Shore 


2005- 2006 The Rebirth 127 



Fraternity and 

Alpha Phi Alpha, 
Fraternity, Inc. 

'IkSPJ^.- *<hJ>-:" 1 

'' . *®^^» 

Animal aftd Poultry 
Science Club 

International Club 

■/ of Mar/larid Eastern 

Delta Sigma Theta 
Sorority, Inc. 

Drama Society 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 133 

1 34 University of Maryland Eastern 

Phi Beta Sigma 
Fraternity, Inc. 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 135 

Student Government 
Association (SGA) j 
Executive Broad 

1 36 University of Maryland Eastern 

cience aocie 

Student Rehabilitation 
Association (SRA) 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 13' 

138 University of Maryland Eastern 

2005- 2006 The Rebirth 

I IriB. Im(3er€Ci( Coi>u+ 


Waters Hall 

Student Service Center 










Wilson Hall 



Richard Hazel Hall 

Trigg Hall 


: >..;■- 

^^W^ % 

*:^-'- :;■ . 


sJW^. ^ 

Kiah Hall 

Richard A. Henson Center 

I he 'Rebirth of. 

Ot>ir Ociinf3i>ts ^ocdilT 

John T. Williams Hall 

President's House 

I he 'Rebirth 


] 44 University of Mar/land Eastern 

r ■ -s 




» ♦ ■ 

-._ / 




\4 ^JtT/,'" 

7' /( a 




. V -^ f ^ 




- */